Dig out continues in suburbs with limited success

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Suburb dig out continues with limited success
Near record snowfall testing the resourcefulness of residents

DEVON, Pa. (WPVI) -- Talk about being snowed in.

Renato Amaral of Devon says, "It's been 48 hours since the snow stopped; it's kind of ridiculous."

Trucks scrambled to dig residents out of an apartment complex in Devon Monday night.

It's the same story in Phoenixville.

Reed Street functions like an alley, but residents says it's a designated borough road, that half the block parks their cars on.

This means Heidi Kollar hasn't left her home since the weekend storm.

"We need to go to work, we need to get milk, simple things like that, and we just can't dig to the end of the alley," Kollar said.

But it's not all headaches. Kids in Valley Forge make the best of their snow day.

Maleena DeAngelo from Shwenksville said, "Just sledding, falling on our faces and face planting."

In Drexel Hill, the Wertz get creative with a melting man cave.

Still, drivers are now left to compete with mounds of snow lining streets and shopping centers.

Kevin Yang of Malvern narrowly avoided a crash, "I don't think the car saw me turning, and almost came out, and they saw me at the last minute and stopped."