New Hampshire Governor signs bring your baby to work law

NEW HAMPSHIRE (WPVI) -- Many parents face this issue every day.

With the cost of childcare on the rise, a new executive order in New Hampshire is helping a lot of new parents.

Governor Chris Sununu signed an executive order allowing state workers with infants between six weeks and six months old to bring them to work.

By doing so, New Hampshire has become the 5th state to come up with a similar policy on the issue.

Other states include Arizona, Kansas, Nevada and Washington.

Arizona's initiative has been in effect since 2016 and the state's Department of Health Services says it has been a huge boost for morale and productivity.

Employers who allow it also say they've seen better employee retention and workers are choosing to stay rather than leave.

The program comes as childcare costs are consistently rising. Some parents spend as much on daycare as they do on rent.

There are rules that come with the executive order. The babies can't cause anything more than "limited disruptions in the office.

It is short term, but parents seem appreciative, saying it helps ease the stress of juggling parenting and working is most welcome.
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