New June Bakery builds a cake business in Brewerytown

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Thursday, April 13, 2023
New June Bakery building a cake business in Brewerytown
We meet a cottage baker who created a cake studio, New June Bakery, during the pandemic

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Noelle Blizzard created a home office unlike most during the pandemic.

In it, she created her home business, New June Bakery, after turning to baking as therapy while she was home from work.

That therapy turned into an obsession. She learned everything she could about the business, baked for friends and family and then provided baked goods for nonprofit fundraisers.

All that experience led her to start her own business featuring all kinds of cakes.

Blizzard worked in marketing for 13 years before becoming a baker.

Her most recent job at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society inspired some of her designs featuring floral elements.

Her family has a history in the food business; her mom is an avid baker and her grandfather was a Las Vegas chef who served Frank Sinatra tableside.

She does online ordering through her website and Instagram pages and clients can pick up orders at her home. For celebration cakes with three or more tiers she does delivery and set up.

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Brewerytown, Philadelphia, PA