DA: Charles Barkley wants to pay for funerals of children killed in carjacking crash

TIOGA (WPVI) -- Legendary Philadelphia 76ers star Charles Barkley is interested in paying for the funerals of three children killed in a crash in Tioga on Friday.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams made the announcement during a press conference Monday afternoon.

Williams said he received a phone call from Barkley on Saturday night.

"Like most Philadelphians, many Americans, people across the world that heard about this and were moved, he wanted me to know that he wanted to pay for the funeral for these three children," Williams said.

The D.A. said he was able to connect Barkley with the families.

At the same press conference, Williams, along with Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, Captain James Clark, and Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison, announced the arrest of two suspects, Jonathan Rosa, 19, and Cornelius Crawford, 22.

They were charged with 3 counts of murder and related offenses in the deaths of the three children.

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