DA probes stray bullets striking homes in Lehigh Valley neighborhood

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The D.A.'s office is seeking to determine if stray bullets are coming from a local gun club. (WPVI)

For residents of Stockertown, homes marked with bullet holes is nothing out of the ordinary as of late.

Emily Fuls' home is just one of several in the Lehigh Valley neighborhood that serve as a reminder of what she said was one of the most terrifying situations.

The incident happened in April while she was in the backyard with her son and granddaughter.

"The bullets came flying through the leaves, just above us. My son grabbed myself and (my granddaughter) and he's yelling 'stop, stop', but of course no one can hear you," said Fuls.

Local and state police have been investigating the situation but, following several reports, the Northhampton County District Attorney's Office has launched a criminal investigation.

The D.A.'s office is seeking to determine if, in fact, those bullets are coming from the Stockertown Rod and Gun Club, located about half a mile away, as residents claim.

DA John Morganelli said he is not looking to make any arrests. Instead, he wants to make sure the residents of Main Street can walk outside without the fear of getting shot.

"If this was not a gun range, if it was just someone shooting in their backyard and they had a large property and bullets were straying, we would be over there arresting that fella for recklessly endangering people," said Morganelli.

In response to the allegations, borough officials said they are confident an investigation will prove the bullets actually came from illegal hunters roaming the wooded area east of Main Street.

"I'm wanting the gun club to get cleared as much as they can because I don't feel it's coming from there, and they're getting the bad rep as is the borough," said Amy Richards, Stockertown Council President.

Still, Fuls, and several neighbors, said they have no doubt those shots are coming from the range.

"This has been going on for seven years. I seriously doubt the same hunter has been back there for seven years illegally shooting up toward the houses," said Fuls.

Morganelli said if ballistics experts prove the recovered bullets came from the range, then he'll look into the possibility of criminal charges.
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