Plane makes emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A plane was diverted and made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport Tuesday afternoon.

Philadelphia firefighters surrounded flight 4882 moments after a touch and go landing.

With his cell phone, Brian Giordano captured video of the more than 70 people on board hustling out onto the tarmac.

Sent from Brian Giordano / Facebook

"It was a little tense because they prepped us for a crash. They went through the routine to make sure we knew how to position ourselves and if they called out 'brace, brace,' that's what we were supposed to do," Giordano said.

The Republic Airlines flight operating as United Air Express was traveling from Raleigh-Durham to Newark and diverted to Philadelphia, landing just before 4:00 p.m.

While in the air, passengers heard a loud pop and saw flames.

Pilots got a warning in the cockpit of an overheat indication, one of the engines failed.

Another passenger sent an image of one of the engines - the propellers were paralyzed in midair.

"The plane shifted. Just for a brief second, you could feel that side drag," Giordano said.

Philadelphia International Airport was briefly on a groundstop.

A passenger from Minneapolis says her plane circled several times.

"There was a plane on the runway, we were detained, we were up there about 40 minutes," Wendy Maouse said.

Passengers recounted the nail biting ten minutes in the air from baggage claim while waiting to board a bus to Newark International Airport.

Alan Chainey has no choice but to get back on a plane to get home to Scotland.

"I got to get home to my kids and family, so there we go," Chainey said.

One passenger with a history of heart issues was transported to Penn Presbyterian Hospital.
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