Political intrigue surrounds Philadelphia Labor Day parade

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It was day of political intrigue, impact and interest.

The annual tristate Labor Day parade up Columbus Boulevard was blessed with good weather.

And that was pleasing to the rank and file and their families on their day off.

Political t-shirts were everywhere, but it was tough to find any for GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney says that was no surprise.

"Donald Trump has a history of engaging with people in contracts and not paying them. Putting skilled laborers and other people out of business by trying to short then on his projects," Kenney said.

One worker added, "Saying he's for labor, but there's nothing on the record that says that he's actually done anything but try to get people to work cheaper for him."
As for union leaders on this day to honor organized labor, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union boss, Johnny Dougherty was visible only briefly.

His union is under intense scrutiny by the FBI for the way it's been handling money.

District Attorney Seth Williams is another embattled political heavyweight. His acceptance and failed to report $160,000 in gifts has some screaming potential conflict of interest.

And Williams is on the defensive.

"I should have reported the gifts, you know timely. But I went above and beyond listing all types of gifts that generally people don't report as gifts. I amended my own reports, and I did the right thing," Williams said.

Also visible in the parade was ultra-powerful electrical union boss John Dougherty whose union related activities and financial matters are under intense scrutiny by the FBI.

Labor leaders say they are behind the Democratic ticket in Pennsylvania. null
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