Record-breaking temps keep spirits high

CENTER CITY -- While Christmas is about two weeks away, it doesn't feel like it in the Delaware Valley.

At Philly Christmas Trees in Fairmount it felt more like Honolulu on Saturday.

Short sleeves and tank tops replaced typical tree-cutting gear.

"Coveralls, you know, lots of boots, hats, the whole 9 yards just trying to stay warm, but we don't need to now," said Matt Lonergan of Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

The record-warmth temperature didn't sap the Christmas spirit for the Frattone family.

"We're enjoying it. The kids are able to walk around without being freezing so we're hoping it lasts a little bit longer," said tree shopper Michael Frattone.

In Center City, thousands were out shopping at Christmas Village where business is brisk - perhaps because the weather isn't.

"It's crazy. It's usually not this crowded," said Marie Nicolo of Fishtown.

The Rothman Ice Rink at Dilworth Park was so packed sisters from Glenside made their own fun by skating in the sand.

"This is strange," said Maggie Corbett, adding this time of year it usually feels like, "snowing."

And although there aren't snowmen on the ground, we found plenty of Christmas spirit in and out of the mugs.

"I love this weather, but yeah it would be better if it was cooler," said Brett Cumming of Haddon Township, New Jersey.

"No, no, no. I want be in Florida where it's warm. I said I'm getting in the spirit cause when I move to Florida I'm going to know exactly what it's like," said Laura Mooney of Bellmawr, New Jersey.