Bethlehem officials warn against trespassing at site of demolished Martin Tower


The signage could not be clearer as you approach where the iconic Martin Tower once stood in Bethlehem, Pa.

Even more noticeable is the large chain link fence the signs are attached to.

The security measures were taken following Sunday's demolition of the former world headquarters of Bethlehem Steel.

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Hundreds gather to watch as Martin Towers are imploded in Bethlehem: Bob Brooks reports on Action News at 9 a.m., May 19, 2019

On Monday, city officials were taking even more precautions after getting word that some residents in the area may be looking to trespass on the site for a souvenir.

"No one should be crossing that fence to get in there for any type of souvenir or even photos," said Emergency Management Director Bob Novatnack.
Bethlehem Police Chief Mark DiLuzio issued the following statement following reports that some residents were going online encouraging people to break the law:

"There were many emotions felt, from people who worked there, built the tower and lived in the shadow of it for years. All are totally understandable. With the implosion complete, the Martin Tower site is now an active construction site and is private property.

There is a metal security fence around the entire site and trespassing is prohibited. Individuals who are caught trespassing will be charged accordingly under Pennsylvania state statute and other appropriate charges.

There is a debris pile on the site. This is not a playground for souvenir hunters. It is an active construction site.

Do not trespass to try to get a piece of the pile. By removing a small piece, you may unknowingly make a bigger piece of something shift and you may get hurt.

I do not want to see anyone get hurt, especially any of my officers or rescue personnel who have to go in there to get you out."

Some spectators say they clearly got the message.

"They have signs all over the place, you're not supposed to go in there," said Ivan Espinosa.

Officials warn anyone who thinks sneaking onto the site at night is less risky to think twice.

"At nighttime, it's even worse since there's no visibility in there, it's not lit up at nighttime, so we're telling everyone to stay out," said Novatnack.
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