'Crabfries & Wooder Ice:' Bryce Harper narrates Phillies 2021 Hype Video

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Thursday, April 1, 2021
Jamie Apody reports from Phillies Opening Day
The countdown is on to the first pitch of the Phillies season opener.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Bryce Harper is hyped!

As are Philadelphia Phillies fans who have been waiting for this day to finally arrive.

The Phandemic Krew is leaving the ladders and horns at home as fans are allowed back into Citizens Bank Park - 8,800 of them.

It's Opening Day 2021 and the Phillies start their journey to the World Series Championship.

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To get everyone set for Thursday's game against the Braves, the Phillies released their annual hype video.

Harper narrates the video detailing what will still be familiar in the season ahead (ice cream in a helmet!). He also points out what makes Philadelphia, its team, and its fans special.

And he definitely says 'wooder ice.'

Enjoy the video and transcript below - and let's go Phils!

2021 Phillies Season Hype Video

So here's what hasn't changed.
Four bases.
Still separated by 90 feet.
The mound.
Ten inches high, and at 60 feet, 6 to the rear of home plate.

We play nine.
Three strikes is an out.
And I know better than anyone that it's still 330 to right field.
This guy (Richie Ashburn) will always be number one.
He'll (Mike Schmidt) have 548 forever.
And Chase (Utley) still lives rent free up in Queens.
You can still get ice cream in a helmet.
Crabfries and 'wooder' ice.
And who could forget the second best dressed in all of Philly? (Phanatic)
This city will always have that certain ring to it.
Two for now, but not for long if we have something to say.
Because this team is about to take the wraps off.

Caps off.
Gloves off.
Bats. Going. off.
It's good to see things getting back to normal.
But you can forget business as usual in South Philadelphia.
These pitchers? They're not just painting by the numbers.
I'm watching guys put up triple digits.
Launch angle? How about up and out.
Look, no matter how many ways you try to slice and dice this game, the only stat that ultimately matters now in this division is a win is a win is a win.
And I don't care if it's 44,000, 8,800, or section 106.
The only stat I can't wait to hear is every last one of you.

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