Operation 6abc: Save A Life - Smoke detectors

HOLMESBURG (WPVI) -- On Thursday morning, members of more than 200 fire departments in the Delaware Valley were at the Philadelphia Fire Academy in Holmesberg to pick up precious cargo: 10,000 Kidde smoke alarms.

It was all part of Operation 6abc: Save A Life.

The firefighters will distribute the smoke alarms to families and businesses in their communities.

"While we can't prevent all fires, we work very hard to do that," said Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel. "Smoke alarms are so critical in everybody's home, because they give residents a chance to get out, they give you that early warning."

"It's a way for us to provide for people that may not have the resources to properly keep their homes safe and get that early warning so we can get them out," said Robert Scardino of the Reliance Fire Department, "so instead of being a recovery it's a rescue."

For the 25th consecutive year, 6abc is teaming up with local firefighters. The mission is to distribute the smoke detectors and spread information on fire safety.

A series of public service announcements is airing on 6abc throughout this month.

6abc President and General Manager Bernie Prazenica explains it's an initiative we are proud to be part of.

"This program has saved lives. We know that," said Prazenica. "We've given away, in conjunction with our partners, tens of thousands of smoke detectors."

Sponsors of the campaign include Kidde and Home Depot. The smoke alarms have a 10-year, sealed-in battery.

Programs like this can be especially valuable to fire departments with tight budgets, departments which find it difficult to be able to buy and distribute smoke detectors in bulk.

"We're a volunteer squad, so we operate on what we have," said John Margrum of the Collings Lakes Fire Department.

"We get a lot of phone calls throughout the year asking for the smoke detectors," said Bob Zinni of the Conshohocken Fire Department. "So this is a great program for us."

And Operation 6abc: Save A Life continues.

On Feb. 4 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Kidde and select Home Depot locations will host Save A Life Saturday.

That's when families can go and learn more about home fire safety.
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