Incredible cake artist competes on Disney's Foodtastic!

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Thursday, September 8, 2022
Incredible cake artist competes on Disney's Foodtastic!
This artist sculpts cakes that are so detailed, they're almost too cool to eat! 🍰 See how he put his incredible skills to the test on Disney's Foodtastic!

HOUSTON, Texas -- Dillion Barlow doesn't just make cakes - he creates art. His Houston business, Over the Top Cakes, is known for specialty cakes with unique details, like 3D sculpting or pop culture characters.

"What makes it different is the overall attention to detail and making the customer happy," said Barlow. "I think I started my love for cakes with my dad, who used to make all of my birthday cakes growing up, until I just got too old for cakes. And then eventually out of high school I knew that I wanted to do something with culinary and use my art skills that I practiced over the years, and cakes seemed to work."

Barlow's incredible talent earned him a spot on the Disney+ show "Foodtastic," which brings together contestants from around the world to create larger-than-life, Disney-themed sculptures made entirely out of food. To qualify, he and a teammate created a bust of Pirates of the Caribbean antagonist Davy Jones using only vegetables.

"It was really great. I'll never forget it," said Barlow. "The episode we were on was Pirates of the Caribbean themed, so we got to make more pirates, add our own little twists and our own designs and colors into it. It was a lot of fun. Really hard and challenging, but once it all was done, we stepped back and I think we wowed ourselves as well as the judges."

Check out the video above to see the foodscape Barlow created on "Foodtastic" and some of his incredible cake creations!