Art of Aging: Pasquale and Anna Scioli Tailoring in South Philadelphia

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The New Year can have us feeling like we need a wardrobe refresh, so if you have some pieces in your closet that could use some alterations or just feel like treating yourself to a new, custom suit - we found just the place.

A popular tailor in South Philadelphia is run by a husband, wife team who are keeping it old school.

Pasquale and Anna Scioli have a lot of loyal customers.

"He's the best tailor, makes me look like a million bucks," said Lou Tumolo from Packer Park.

"Of course, I got started in Italy. I worked as a sewer," said Pasquale.

That's where Pasquale met Anna in their hometown of Abruzzi. The couple emigrated to Philadelphia in 1967.

"We don't know how to speak, we don't know nothing. We have to go work in a tailor shop," said Anna.

"But the guys say, they speak Italian, the boss, he say, I like you. I give you the opportunity to supervise," said Pasquale.

"We work together over there and then after, you know, we open a little shop for us at nighttime," said Anna.

Pasquale says he worked both jobs until the pair's nighttime tailoring business took off.

"God bless America, you got opportunity, everything you earn," he said.

And the couple has earned a reputation for their professional, custom work.

Known locally as the "Tailor to the Stars," the Sciolis have dressed Mayor Jim Kenney, Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz and former pro boxer Bernard Hopkins - just to name a few.

Their secret to a great fit? No chalk on the suit jackets and all alterations are hand sewn.

"Needle, thread, I baste," said Pasquale.

"He mark everything, I sew at the machine. We work together," added Anna.

And most everything in their store is imported from the old country.

"All made in Italy," said Pasquale.

Pieces are top of the line, made exclusively for the Sciolis.

"I get more compliments on the suits and the jackets that I've bought here than I receive from any place else in the city," said Tumolo.

"I feel good when I baste and then I see the customer, he's so happy. The customer, we take care of the customer," said Anna.

And don't even ask about retirement.

"I say I love this business. It's a pleasure for me," said Pasquale.

The shop is located at 1744 East Passyunk Avenue and is open six days a week.
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