Prosecutors: New Jersey murder suspect says he was trying to leave drug trade

PEMBERTON, N.J. -- Authorities say the suspect accused of having killed a man found in a makeshift grave in the New Jersey Pinelands has told investigators he was trying to get out of the drug trade.

Fifty-five-year-old Charles McGee of Pemberton Township is charged with murder and other counts in the death of 48-year-old William Cline Jr. of Pemberton Township.

William Cline

According to, Burlington County authorities say McGee has told investigators that Cline was hounding him over payment for drugs, and he even threatened suicide, but his grandchildren were then threatened.

Cline was reported missing Aug. 20.

A motorcycle rider discovered his remains buried in Brendan Byrne State Forest on Aug. 24. Prosecutors allege in a court affidavit released Friday that McGee told a relative "I shot Billy Cline."


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