Shelter Me: South Jersey Horse Rescue

South Jersey Horse Rescue is teaming up with other equine rescues in the region to help get the Safe Act passed.

"What it would include is the prohibition of sale and transport of horses for human consumption," says Debra Smith, a volunteer at South Jersey Horse Rescue.

Director Ellen Strack started the rescue 10 years ago to protect horses from auction and slaughter. During that time she has saved 276 horses.

"And that includes mules, donkeys, miniature horses and ponies," Strack says.

And a whole lot of other creatures.

"We've taken in rescue cats, dogs, chickens, just about everything," Strack says.

She could use a little help on the farm.

"We're in dire need of a quad or a small tractor. It can be beat up or used, and you can get a nice tax deduction. We also need physical volunteers," Strack says.

She promises you'll have fun and learn a lot.

Sanibel is a 17-year-old Kentucky Thoroughbred, who would make a great trail horse.

"She doesn't spook, she's not afraid of anything. She's just a big tough girl," Strack says.

Lorelai is also about 17-years-old and is a Paint Quarter Horse.

"She's sound and healthy, except for the fact that she has asthma," Strack says.

She takes medications when her symptoms flare.

Jasper has a great pedigree, he is the son of Smarty Jones, the winner of the 2004 Kentucky Derby.

"He's about 12-years-old. He can't be ridden, his knees are arthritic from too early training on the track," Strack says.

He's very sweet and would make a great companion horse.

If you're interested in learning more, visit the South Jersey Horse Rescue website.
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