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Friday, February 27, 2015
Polar bears playing in the snow at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Friday, February 27th is International Polar Bear Day!

Popularized by the conservation group, Polar Bears International, the holiday was created to raise awareness about polar bears and the challenges they face in a changing climate.

Here are a few fun facts about polar bears from the Philadelphia Zoo:

1. Polar bears can stay underwater for up to two minutes.

2. Polar bears can leap seven to eight feet out of the water to catch prey.

3. Polar bears keep their eyes open, nostrils shut, and ears flattened to their heads while swimming.

4. Polar bears have a transparent eyelid that works like a pair of sunglasses, filtering out the brightness of the sun and snow.

There are currently two polar bears at the Philadelphia Zoo, Klondike and Coldilocks. Take a look at the bears having fun in last weekend's snow storm!

PHOTOS: Polar bears at the Philadelphia Zoo

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