Shelter Me: Sunrays Pitbull Rescue

NORTHAMPTON, Pa. -- Sunrays Pitbull Rescue is about saving and educating people about a misunderstood breed.

Crystal Roman is a board member at Sunrays Pitbull Rescue.

She says, "There are so many that need help there and so many that need homes.

The rescue group started nearly ten years ago saving Katrina dogs. Now they've built a network of more than 70 volunteers who foster and train a breed in need - Pitbulls.

President, Sonya Mora says, "I saw all the hate. I saw all the neglect. I saw all the abuse and that's what motivated me to save all these dogs."

Roman added, "Even dogs that come out of fighting situations can be rehabilitated and turn out to be great family dogs..."

"They're so loyal and they want to please you no matter what," added Mora.

If you're interested in any of the dogs you've seen in the video, you can go to the Sunrays Pitbull Rescue website.

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