Pediatricians call Department of Health's new childhood vaccine ruling 'misguided'

The government is making it more convenient to get kids up to date on their vaccines.

A new measure allows pharmacists to immunize kids ages three to 18, but some pediatricians say this move is misguided.

Different states have different rules, but this measure opens the door to allow pharmacists to give kids three and up their scheduled shots - and that includes the flu shot.

The Department of Health and Human Services says the measure aims to boost low vaccination rates among kids.

Due to the pandemic, many pediatric offices closed or only treated emergencies, which caused kids to miss vital vaccines. But now most pediatricians are seeing patients, with precautions, and working to get kids up to date on vaccines.

The American Academy of Pediatrics calls the ruling "incredibly misguided," saying the "best, safest place for children to get vaccinated is in their medical home."

Also, they add that many pharmacies may not participate in Vaccines for Children- a federal program that provides vaccines at no cost to eligible children.

Just for continuity of care, it's always good for kids to see their regular doctor, but if you can't get them in, at least let your pediatrician know your child will be getting shots at the pharmacy.

For adults, when it comes to the flu shot, a pharmacy could be a good option - especially for anyone who typically gets their shot at work but is now working from home.
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