Chase Utley retires as a Phillie

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- He's back in the ballpark he just loved to play in. Chase Utley retired Friday night at Citizens Bank Park.

His wife, his parents, and his two young boys Ben and Max were in attendance. He wants his kids to see what this place meant to him, and they'll find out first hand how beloved their dad is in Philadelphia.

Since retiring Utley has been doing some broadcasting for the Dodgers, working on his golf game, and doing his best to be a hands-on dad.

That includes coaching Little League, although he says his kids won't listen to his tips and it drives him nuts! Utley told me it's hard to grasp just how much this city adores him.

"The amount of congratulations and "I love you's" is just so much to take in. It's hard to totally understand it. But I'm right there with them. I have the same mutual respect and love for the fans of Philadelphia".

He also didn't rule out returning here as a coach someday.
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