End of an era: Phillies do away with 'Dollar Dog Night,' replace with new 'BOGO' nights

Friday, March 1, 2024
Phillies end 'Dollar Dog Nights' | Here's what is replacing them
End of an era: Phillies do away with 'Dollar Dog Night,' replace with new 'BOGO' nights

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It's the end of an era. The Phillies are doing away with "Dollar Dog Nights" at Citizens Bank Park, but...fans can now enjoy new BOGO hot dog nights.

The change comes after a "Dollar Dog Night" in 2023 turned into a massive food fight and some fans getting thrown out of the game.

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"The introduction of BOGO Hot Dog Nights, in lieu of Dollar Dog Nights, reflects our ongoing commitment to provide a positive experience for all fans in attendance," the Phillies said in a statement.

The Phillies say they did a survey and fans reported last year's Dollar Dog Night was not an enjoyable experience.

"Unfortunately we had fans throwing hotdogs, back and forth and we just can't have that," said John Webber, Senior Vice President of the Phillies Ticket Operations and Projects. "It was not a good experience for our fans who came to the game last year. That's the bottom line, and our goal is to change that and make it a good experience for all our fans."

But most fans are not relishing the change.

"[It's] sad, it sucks to be honest. They're expensive and they don't have that many days of the dollar dogs, so why get rid of them?" asked Tammy Cappetti.

"Everyone just started throwing hot dogs and throwing them, like really? It's a whole waste of a hot dog. It was funny, but seriously, why? " said Mare Covian.

Phillies fan Christian McGovern says he's been going to Dollar Dog Night every year for about 10 years. He says he was caught in the middle of the food fight after his friends were having a hot dog eating contest

"My buddy ate 13 hot dogs and a guy five rows ahead of us turned around and he's like, 'Yo, go for 14.' So he threw one and we caught it and next thing you know people were throwing hot dogs from the second deck, the third deck, and it was all kind of raining down on us," McGovern recalled.

He even started an online petition to bring Dollar Dog Night back.

"I'm guilty by association. I will take responsibility for it because I'm a good fan, but I promise we will act good. We won't throw any more hot dogs if they bring Dollar Dog Night back," said McGovern.

This season's Hatfield Phillies Franks BOGO Nights will be Tuesday, April 2 vs. the Cincinnati Reds, and Tuesday, April 16 vs. the Colorado Rockies. Both games begin at 6:40 p.m.

"Dollar Dog Night" started in 1997.