Philadelphia police react to recent shootings

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The attack in Baton Rouge is just the latest concern on the radar for police departments across the country and it has law enforcement making changes in order to keep their men and women safe.

Philadelphia police have been patrolling in pairs ever since the ambush in Dallas and that method will continue so that officers are not alone on the streets.

"That's the scary part. He's not connected as we found thus far to any of the groups protesting," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.

"You just don't know. The sad part about it is in all of those attacks multiple officers were present anyway, but you got to do everything you can to let the men and women in this department know you're here for them," Ross said.

Action News could not find any officers who were comfortable talking about the heightened tension they feel on and off-duty.

The Fraternal Order of Police Vice President Roosevelt Poplar says he's not saying the officers are afraid.

"I'm going to say they are definitely on alert. They are concerned about the things that have been going on, the target that has been put on the backs of police officers," Poplar said.

Is this the end of it? After all this, do police in general see an end to the violence aimed directly at them?

"Even giving the last two events in Baton Rouge and Dallas, we still have to be vigilante of what's going on. We are still law enforcement. We're still public servants. We still have to go out there and do our jobs on a daily basis," Poplar said.
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