"We're taking on AK-47 fire!" Officers responding to synagogue shooting met with a hail of fire

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Saturday, October 27, 2018
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PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Police responding to an active shooter call at a Pittsburgh synagogue were met by a hail of automatic gunfire from a suspect firing an AK-47 rifle.

Dramatic radio transmissions recorded by Broadcastify, show the first call to police was from the Tree of Life Synagogue, reporting an active shooter. "The complainant says they have an active shooter in the building, a second call says they are being attacked."

Police received calls from people inside the synagogue, "Okay, multiple gunshots are heard from the lobby, possibly 20-30 shots." "There are several people hiding."

Police were fired on as soon as they got to the scene, "We're under fire, we're under fire, he's got an automatic weapon, he's firing out of the front of the synagogue."

Officers reported the gunfire was coming from an automatic weapon and for a city-wide response, "Automatic weapon, gunshots fired." "3-1-5 every available unit in the city needs to get here now, all units hold the perimeter, we're taking on AK-47 fire, from out the front of the synagogue."

Officers had to take cover and help the wounded, "We are pinned down by gunfire, he's firing out of the front of the building with an automatic weapon."