Bernie Sanders supporters protest in media tent after Clinton nomination

PHILADELPHIA -- Some delegates and other supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders took their protest directly to the media on Tuesday night.

The protesters swarmed a media tent outside the Wells Fargo Center on the second night of the Democratic National Convention after Hillary Clinton was formally nominated to be the party's candidate for president.

A number of delegates could be seen leaving the arena, even after Sanders moved to nominate Clinton by acclimation.

Some supporters had their mouths taped shut. A few others sang "This Land is Your Land" and held a banner that read, "We The People."

They say they're holding a peaceful protest to complain about being shut out by the Democratic Party.

"When Bernie made his announcement to switch his delegates to Hilary the anger erupted," said Lisa Stiller of Oregon.

While some made it into the media tent others were kept outside by police, but chanted "The world is watching."

"What we now know is fact from the wiki leaks emails: the DNC had a clear, consistent to plan to disrupt Bernie at every step of the way," said Steve Holecko of Cleveland.

"It was good that Debbie Wasseman Shultz stepped down, that was a good first step, but they need to be more forward, more open, more transparent," said Matthew Fortes of Oakland.

One protester is 64-year-old Talat Khan, of San Bernardino, California.

He says: "It's for the betterment of our children and the future of our children."

Action News spoke to some delegates who are ready to support Clinton.

"I will respect his nomination and support of the secretary, we must unite as a party," said Melissa Robbins of Fox Chase.

"We have to show our unity, because the republicans are looking at us," said Jacob Adenran of Philadelphia. null