VIDEO: Monica Malpass interviews President Obama

President Obama is facing tough new domestic and international issues right now.

A volatile U.S. economy, a controversial nuclear deal with Iran, and whether he'll have to choose between Biden or Clinton as the race for the Democratic nomination for president heats up.

Action News anchor Monica Malpass got to meet with him in the Reception Room of the White House on Wednesday to talk one-on-one about all of it.

He's still trying to gain support for his administration's proposed nuclear deal with Iran, limiting that country's nuclear program.

Monica asked, "After 30 years of trust issues, can you guarantee that they'll comply with this agreement, and is it worth damaging our friendship with Iran?"

"Almost every nuclear expert that has looked at this deal has been persuaded that, in fact, this is the best way for us to assure ourselves - and our world - that Iran will not get a nuclear weapon," President Obama said. "Because we shut down a bunch of their facilities."

The president continues, "We shut down a whole bunch of their facilities. They ship out enriched uranium that they already have. They do so for at least a 15 year period."

Other experts on the staff, like press secretary Josh Earnest, repeated the same dire message, telling reporters we're at a crossroads of final diplomatic options or war.

Right now the president appears to be in reach of the 34 votes he needs to veto any Republican resolution of disapproval. There's been unanimous GOP opposition and tough lobbying by Israel.

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, a Democrat, is against it.

"At the end of the day, what we appear to have is a rollback of sanctions and Iran only limiting its capability - but not dismantling or rolling it back," Menendez said.

Later, Monica asked the president who he would choose to endorse if his VP Joe Biden jumps into the Presidential race.

"The great thing about American democracy is that it's not up to me. I'm just one voter and it's going to be up to the American people," President Obama said. "Joe's been as good a vice president as I think we've seen in American history, been at my side in every tough decision I've made. Hillary Clinton was one of our best secretaries of state and helped work on a whole range of really important issues, including the Iran deal at the outset."

Monica then asked the president what he would say to hardworking Philadelphians who lost their jobs in 2008, saw their 401K savings disintegrate, and who are now just starting to recover when, again, the stock market fell hard again this week.

President Obama responded by saying, "I think it's more important to look at the long-term trend lines that we've seen. I mean, we've had more than five years now of private sector job growth."
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