Newark restaurant turns classic churro into an Instagram-worthy dessert

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Friday, November 15, 2019
Newark restaurant turns classic churro into Instagram-worthy dessert
Pop Churros turns classic churros into an Instagram-worthy dessert.

NEWARK, Calif. -- Satisfy your sweet tooth with a delicious churro with a twist. A Newark restaurant, Pop Churros, has mastered the loop churro with soft-serve ice cream and an abundance of toppings. If you haven't had an Instagram-worthy dessert, then look no further. This dessert will definitely put a "pop" into your Instagram feed.

The popularity of churros has been on the rise in America. Today you can find them in arenas, theme parks, and your local fair.

It is unclear where the churro originated from, but it is said to originate from either China or Spain. Pop Churros opened their doors less than a year ago and is already making their presence on Instagram.

Will Vuong, one of the four owners of Pop Churros, gained his love of churros at a young age. "I have always loved churros,"said Vuong. "My aunts and uncles took me out the most, to the games or to the fair, and that is when I gained my love for churros."

The name Pop Churros comes from the phrase "pop culture." "Right now, with social media, it (churros) has to be popular and it has to be the best," said Vuong. "It has to be new, it has to be enhanced... it's like pop culture."

Vuong and his wife decided to start their churro adventure and wanted to take their churros to the next level. After many hours of research, they were inspired by the Spanish loop churro.

"It wasn't easy and it took us a year and a half to figure it (the churro) out," said Vuong. "In Spain, they do the miniature loop and we wanted to do ours a little bit larger. We were looking online on how to make it but the only thing that we wanted to do is not put an egg in it. We wanted to make it vegan so we played with the dough. She (my wife) got it and she executed it and it works."

The Pop Churros are non-traditional and truly a work of art. Customers can choose from eight different signature churro-concoctions or can customize their own. Toppings range from almonds, marshmallow fluff, Fruity Pebbles, sprinkles, macha and many more.The loop churro is placed into the soft-serve ice cream and then it's ready for a close-up shot on the 'gram.

For more on Pop Churros, go to their Instagram page.