Port Richmond residents speak out over looting in their neighborhood as police listen

Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Voices drowned out voices Friday evening in city's Port Richmond section as community members met to discuss the recent lootings and unrest.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Voices drowned out voices Friday evening in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia as community members met to discuss the recent lootings and unrest.

"He's not our enemy, he's a good cop," yelled one resident.

Another resident added, "We ain't fighting each other here."

The tone, however, was very clear as one man asked, "'How are we going to be protected?'"

Many residents were still livid in the aftermath of Tuesday evening's looting and destruction following peaceful protests in the wake of the deadly police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr.

The vandalism shut down a large number of businesses along the hardest hit Aramingo Avenue.

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Answering many of the concerns and questions of the residents was 24th Police District Captain Pedro Rosario and East Police Division Commander Inspector Michael Cram.

"With the utmost sincerity, it broke me what happened Tuesday night," said Rosario.

Throughout the evening, the top cops listened, discouraging vigilantism while still promoting residents to stay vigilant and united.

District leadership says there are plans in place should things go downhill again.

On Aramingo Avenue, many businesses remain closed or boarded up.

"I've never witnessed something like this," said Z Furniture Designs employee Ibrahim Jabairn. "We lost a lot of money."

Right next door is One Dollar Zone, where the staff is working feverishly to recover their losses too.

"It's just sad because not everybody else can open," said manager Rose Acosta.

With a steady stream of customers and support, the hope is the worst of it is over.

"Word is they're going to go out again, loot again. We just hope they don't, because what more can they destroy?" Acosta said.

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