Bucks County SPCA finds no evidence dog ingested THC during PetSmart visit

Friday, June 7, 2024
SPCA finds no evidence dog ingested THC at PetSmart
Bucks County SPCA finds no evidence dog ingested THC during PetSmart visit

FAIRLESS HILLS, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The Bucks County SPCA says it found no evidence a dog ingested THC after a visit to the groomer.

Kelly Fowler told Action News that when she picked up her dog Teddy on May 31 from the PetSmart in Fairless Hills, he was lethargic and repeatedly fell over.

He had been there for four hours.

According to Fowler, a veterinarian diagnosed him with THC ingestion, though his urine test came back negative for the chemical.

But after an investigation by the SPCA, officials reportedly found no evidence the dog was exposed to THC during the visit to PetSmart.

In a statement earlier this week, PetSmart's corporate spokeswoman stated that there was "no evidence whatsoever" that Teddy was exposed to THC while in the store.

Fowler said PetSmart has paid her vet bill.

She released this statement Thursday after the SPCA closed the investigation:

"This is the last post I am going to write about my pup. The spca did not find evidence on the video. And I'm being called a liar all over the internet. Bottom line is I will never know what truly happened to him and I know it happened there. He was fine in the morning and was there for so long and half asleep, falling over when I picked him up. So many people have messaged me on similar situations with their pets at petsmart, even former employees! They never "find the evidence" in these cases. My lesson in life is to never take to social media for help! People will tear you down so quick! All I wanted to know is what happened! I'm so thankful he's fully recovered! To all the positive people I am truly blessed you all backed me up! We are good people and I would never make up anything. They paid the vet bill and I'm still waiting for reimbursement for the grooming appt."