Emma Stone, Joe Alwyn and 'Kinds of Kindness' cast talk about their new film

The film tells three separate but loosely connected stories and boasts and all-star cast

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Friday, June 21, 2024
Emma Stone and 'Kinds of Kindness' cast talk new film
Emma Stone, Joe Alwyn, Willem Dafoe and the stars of "Kinds of Kindness" revealed the joys of working with director Yorgos Lanthimos. The film is in theaters now.

NEW YORK -- The cast of "Kinds of Kindness" celebrated the movie's premiere in New York City.

The film stars Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe, Jesse Plemons, Joe Alwyn, Margaret Qualley, Hong Chau, Mamoudou Athie and Hunter Schafer and is directed and co-written by Yorgos Lanthimos.

It weaves together three distinct but loosely connected stories, an idea that was intriguing to its stars.

"I found all three characters very compelling. I think, you know even more than that, I found the stories very interesting in a way that they, you know, kind of vaguely, but pretty poetically tie together," said Stone.

"There's probably some common thread between the three, but I was really excited for the challenge of finding this line, of differentiating the three while still keeping some cohesive thread," Plemons explained. "And getting to work with this crazy, talented troupe of actors and, you know, artists on every level."

"It's the world that I found the most compelling. And these people, put in these situations, that were beyond my understanding and still remains outside of my understanding," said Athie. "And just seeing them navigate through that and all the other characters, that's the most interesting thing to me."

Lanthimos' last film was "Poor Things," which earned 11 Oscar nominations and 4 statues. He's worked with most of this cast in other films and there are plenty of reasons they keep coming back.

"Well, Yorgos, I've worked with before on four things and it was such a good time," said Dafoe. "He knows how to speak to actors. He makes a beautiful world, gives you fun things to do."

"With a Yorgos film, you just want to be a part of this strange, wonderful landscape that he's creating, said Alwyn. "He's a one of a kind filmmaker and you just want to spend time in the world that he's he's building."

"Kinds of Kindness" is in select theaters now.

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