Grumpy baby photoshoot goes viral: 'He was just scowling'

ByJessica Hart, WCPO
Monday, May 27, 2024
Grumpy baby photoshoot goes viral
Baby Trent has a mean side-eye

CINCINNATI -- This squishy, grumpy little face is going viral.

"It has been wild," said Lauren Carson, owner of Drawing in Light Photography. "It's rattling people on social media."

Carson is the woman behind the camera.

"I never would have guessed in a million years that it would have gone to this level," she said. "I don't think I've ever had a baby as expressive with as intense eye contact along with it."

She's talking about baby Trent, who has a mean side-eye.

It's a look Carson says his mom is used to.

"That's just a normal face for him. It wasn't anything unusual that she hadn't seen before, so I think she was glad we were able to document it," Carson said.

Carson has been photographing newborns for a decade, so she's gotten good at styling with all the baby hats and little tiny outfits.

And capturing them at the right moment -- with the help of this white noise machine.

"It saves me from having to go 'shhhh' in a baby's face for two hours," Carson said.

But people online can't get enough of these baby Trent photos.

No matter the moment, this newborn is bound to always give you a look

"He wasn't crying, he wasn't fussing, he was just scowling," Carson said.