Kiss of death: Murder suspect says she has no regrets in brutal killing of stranger

Officials say it is one of Houston's worst murders caught on camera

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Wednesday, June 5, 2024
Suspect says she has no regrets after video shows man being run over
Karon Fisher, accused of brutally murdering a stranger on Woodridge Square Drive, says she has no regrets in a jailhouse interview with ABC13.

HOUSTON -- A suspect accused of violently killing a stranger is speaking out in an exclusive jailhouse interview.

Karon Fisher, 20, told our sister station KTRK that she had zero regrets about the attack, which officials have said is one of Houston's worst murders caught on camera.

The video of the crime gained national attention because of its brutality. It shows Fisher allegedly running over a man twice before she jumped on top of him, kissed him and repeatedly stabbed him in broad daylight.

During the interview at Harris County Jail, cameras and cellphones were not allowed. Taylor and Fisher were separated by a small room with just a glass window.

Fisher was aware of KTRK's previous reports and had seen the chilling video, yet she said she had zero remorse.

The victim, 65-year-old Steven Anderson, retired after working for MD Anderson for over 20 years.

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A murder suspect was caught on video running over a victim twice before kissing and stabbing his limp body on Woodridge Square Drive.

Fisher said the murder was completely random and it could have been anyone that day.

Detectives said Anderson was walking to get his mail when he was killed.

Fisher told KTRK she remembers the day clearly, standing on top of his body and feeling as if she knew him, though she said she had never interacted with him before.

She acknowledged a history of mental health her whole life. She said she came out as transgender at 16 years old and was prostituting. She recalled being young and crying at motels, thinking she had to sell her body for a place to stay.

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Fisher kept saying, "God saved me that day," and said she would live with her actions.

KTRK reached out to Steve Anderson's family to get their reaction. His family wants to stay protected but said he leaves behind a daughter and three grandchildren.

His daughter said it's scary knowing this could have happened to anyone and could have been anyone's family member. She wants justice for her father and for Fisher to be locked away.

Anderson's daughter wants people to remember him as the thoughtful, generous, and sentimental man he was.