North Wildwood police release new images of suspects wanted in boardwalk assault

Thursday, June 13, 2024
New images of suspects wanted in NJ boardwalk assault
North Wildwood police release new images of suspects wanted in boardwalk assault

NORTH WILDWOOD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- North Wildwood police released more images of the suspects wanted in connection with the aggravated assault incident on the boardwalk last weekend.

Police say the assault happened at 26th Avenue on the boardwalk on June 8, but haven't released details about the circumstances.

New images of the suspects, along with a blue Dodge Ram they were seen operating, were released by investigators Wednesday.

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Action News spoke with a father who says his 22-year-old son was the victim of the assault.

"The kid was all in his face and I just ran over there and I pushed this kid out of the way, and the next thing you know I'm being pushed and shoved around," recalled Kenneth Golembewski of Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Golembewski says his son and his son's girlfriend were in a nearby arcade when a group approached them.

He says a comment was made to his girlfriend and a verbal altercation turned physical. His son ended up on the ground.

"And he kicks Lucas dead in the face. I'm like, 'Oh my God.' So I went to try and chase this kid, and I thought, 'No let me stay here with Lucas,' and these bystanders were chasing him!" said Golembewski.

Denise Donahue, who lives in Wildwood, was on the boardwalk and heard the commotion.

"Saw this teenage boy laying there, screaming. And the next thing I knew, he got kicked in the head by one of these teenage boys," recalled Donahue, who started chasing after one of the suspects.

"He turned around and said some profanity to me, and I was yelling at him the whole time saying, 'Get back here! Where are you going?'"

Donahue says the suspect eventually got away. She's hopeful someone will see these new images and recognize the suspects.

"It's a terrible shame that in this age that we're in today that we can't enjoy what people have enjoyed for years at the Jersey shore," she said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the North Wildwood Police Department by calling (609) 522-2411, emailing, or by texting TIP NWPD and your message to 888777.