Local organizing service offers tips to de-clutter your home

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- If one of your 2016 resolutions is to get organized, a local service is offering some tips to help you sort, purge and de-clutter.

Janet Bernstein started the Organizing Professionals 10 years ago.

"We specialize in organizing anything from someone's kitchen to their closets," she said.

And they're the best in the biz, winning 2015's Best of Philly for Best Home Organizing.

"Some people want their homes to be a magazine - we can do that. We're really good at that or people just need to be organized enough. They need to find most of the things in their home," said Janet.

Action News asked for help de-cluttering the kitchen and Janet warns it's a job that always takes a lot longer than you think.

"We recommend taking most of the things out and saying do I really use this? Is this really necessary in my kitchen?" she said.

For the corner cabinets, she recommends installing a lazy Susan.

"And we use lazy Susans as wide as possible maximizing the space. Plus personally I just enjoy spinning them," said Janet.

To further maximize space, she says store your items in round containers. For standard cabinets, go for rectangular or square boxes.

"Food is not going stale and everyone knows what they have and plus it just makes you happy when you open up your cabinet and can just see everything," said Janet.

Wire baskets are also space savers.

"That will actually clip underneath one of these shelves. And you can actually get more space in cause otherwise I'm losing space here and I needed more space," Janet says.

And when it comes to the kitchen drawers, she says divide and conquer.

"A lot of dividers will actually start moving around and it gets irritating, so I actually stick Velcro dots in the bottom so it's actually attached to the drawers. It's not moving around," she said.

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