Rick's Road Trip: Lancaster County is full of food, fun and culture

"This is not your grandparents' Lancaster anymore. There is so much to do," said Joel Cliff with Discover Lancaster.
LANCASTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Rick's Road Trip continues with an adventure west of Philadelphia.

You may have been to Lancaster, Pennsylvania before but things have been changing over the past several years.

A trip to Lancaster County's Pennsylvania Dutch Country can be like stepping back in time, but it's also become cool and contemporary.

Certainly, the Amish countryside hasn't changed, however, the city itself has become a mecca for food, fun and culture.

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"This is not your grandparents' Lancaster anymore. There is so much to do," said Joel Cliff, with Discover Lancaster.

And there's so much to taste. The Lancaster Central Market is one of the oldest continuously operating farmer's markets in the country. It has dozens of stalls offering everything from Amish produce to more diverse cuisine.

"It's where city and country have always met when it comes to Lancaster County. And obviously today, it's hopping. Great food, great conversations. Beautiful spring day, many are ready to get out and enjoy each other once again," said Cliff.

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Many come to Lancaster for a peaceful change of pace -- where you can stroll streets reminiscent of old-world Europe, or explore the many cool little shops.

There's also a burgeoning theater district, but in the end, it always comes back to the food. There's so much to sample and savor in the city and surrounding small towns that are all about an hour and a half from the heart of Philadelphia.

"It's an authentic experience as well. We have a lot of locals coming here, so it's not a tourist trap so to speak. But it's a big-time tourist destination," said Myron Stoltzfus, owner of Stoltzfus Meats.

Their large market and restaurant in Intercourse, Pennsylvania are big draws at all times of the year.
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