Sneaky sales tactics retailers use to get you to spend more

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Does it seem like every time you go shopping you spend more than you meant to? It may not be your fault. Stores use sales tactics to get you to spend more.

Our friends at Money Talks News show us what to look out for, and how to hold onto your money.

Whenever you shop, whether it's for food, clothing or just about anything else, odds are good you often spend more than you meant to.

Are we losing self control? Or are we falling for sneaky sales tactics used by just about every retailer?

Here's an online example: Free shipping if you spend $50.

To save on shipping, we often buy something we didn't want or need.

Grocery stores use all kinds of sales tactics. They put things they want to move at eye level, create a gauntlet of impulse buys at the checkout stand and offer discounts if you buy more, like 10 for $10.

Then, there are coupons. While they can be a great tool to save on something you were going to buy anyway, they can also get you to buy higher-priced items or things you didn't intend to buy.

Sales are one of the oldest tricks in the book for all retailers. Shoppers want to believe they're getting a deal, even though sometimes they're not.

Speaking of prices, what's better than free? But these deals that are buy one, get one free are only a deal IF you need two. Otherwise, wouldn't it be better to get one at 50 percent off?
Then there are those Rewards Programs. From hotels to restaurants to just about every store in the mall, they make you loyal, steer you to products, and record your shopping habits.

These sales tactics, along with dozens of others, may seem simple, but they work.

How do you defend yourself? Use tricks of your own.

First, take a moment and do the math. It will pay off!

Next, challenge yourself to stick to your list and your budget.

Finally, use cash.

It's always easier to overspend when you use a credit or debit card.
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