Family reunited with irreplaceable family photos recovered from ashes of fires

SANTA ROSA, Calif. -- Do you believe in miracles?

A family in Santa Rosa, California does.

Susi Hulac and her husband Fred lost their house, but regained their past, all from pictures that floated down from the most sinister and frightening of clouds.

The California wildfire flames came close to their neighbor's home Krista Wehrer, but spared it.

However, ashes began to fall from the sky and onto her lawn, Wehrer said, like snow.

Among them was a photograph of a couple holding their baby.

Wehrer picked up the photo and put it on Facebook, figuring it must belong to someone.

"I knew it came from a house that burned to the ground," Wehrer added.

The picture made its way around the world, then to Maryland and returned in the form of a message from that now grown up, same baby girl in the photo -- Christine Hulac.

"They were just jubilant," said Wehrer.

And it wasn't the only photo as others came back, too.

They all came from one box on the second floor of the Susi Hulac's house. They landed all over the neighborhood, now people have returned them.

The burn marks add to the stories.

"You can see the picture around the singe and to me that is unique and special," said Hulac. "Good things can come out of bad things, you know?"


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