Survey finds most kids get less than 20 minutes to eat lunch at school

As kids head back to school there's a big debate about the length of school lunch periods.

Are kids getting enough time to eat?

A new survey found more than 20-percent of public school kids are given less than 20 minutes for lunch.

Some parents say they started noticing lunch boxes were still full when kids came home from school.

"When I picked up my children at the end of the day and saw them coming out they came out directly to me 'I'm starving'. We found out that our kids had 15 minutes. And we also found out that there were 18 children that day standing in the lunch line when the bell rang which was the end of lunch," said one parent.

They started a petition to address the time crunch, which they are hearing is happening all over the country.

The negative effects of the short lunch break can reduce focus and energy levels and lead to behavioral problems.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends kids get at least 20 minutes.
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