ABC's 'Shark Tank' launches nationwide casting call for Season 16

The hit ABC show has launched a nationwide casting call for Season 16 now through July 2024.

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Saturday, February 3, 2024
ABC's 'Shark Tank' launches nationwide casting call for Season 16
ABC's 'Shark Tank' launches nationwide casting call for Season 16

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Do you have the next big idea? Now is your chance to dive into the tank and sell it to the Sharks!

The hit dream-making show "Shark Tank" has launched a nationwide casting call.

"It doesn't matter your socio-economic background, your race, your gender, your age, you can have that dream," says Mindy Zemrak, the head of casting for "Shark Tank."

"All of the 'Sharks' are self-made. They're here to help entrepreneurs as well," added Zemrak.

Here in the Delaware Valley, we've seen Shark Tank launch some big dreams.

"Philly represents that is for sure," Zemrak says.

Big deals were made on the show for Wynnewood's Aaron Krause and his best-selling Scrub Daddy, the fresh smoothie vending machines from Bleni Blends, and the three ladies behind the gift wrapping company Black Paper Party.

"The American Dream is alive and well," Zemrak says. "We want to help continue to celebrate and promote that."

The casting call is now officially open and they're searching for the next big thing. They say it takes four things to successfully swim with the 'Sharks.'

"First and foremost is be able to explain what makes your product different and unique from anyone else out there," Zemrak says. "Number two is to know your numbers. Third is charisma. It goes a long way. Bring personality and energy. Be excited and confident about what you have created. Finally, share your story. A lot of entrepreneurs who come in the tank, 99% of the time, have created something because of their backstory. 'Shark Tank' is truly 50% about your business or product, and 50% about the person behind it."

Zemrak says they are always impressed by the new products and ideas.

"I've been on the show since season one," Zemrak says. "I have laid in many coffins at these open calls. I have been pitched everything under the sun. The wonderful thing about 'Shark Tank' is that every year, just when I think I've heard or seen it all, the entrepreneurs come through. Innovation is very much thriving, alive and well."

The show gets about 20,000 applicants each year, and this could be your game-changing chance to chase your dream. They are casting Season 16 through July.

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