Five-year-old demonstrates shoe-tying trick

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Thursday, January 26, 2017
Young boy shows cool way he learned to tie his shoes
Colton's shoe-tying method may be different from any you've seen before, but it works!

If you think you know every method of tying shoes, wait until you see the ingenious way this kid learned it.

Colton, 5, demonstrates how it's done. First, you stick the little plastic end of your shoe lace in the hole on the side, forming a loop off to the side of the shoe. Do that on both sides, so you have two loops. Then you place one loop under the other and pull it tight. Then you repeat and pull it tight again. When you take the ends of the laces out of the hole, you have a double-knotted shoe.

Though his method is unconventional, Colton is successful. His mom, Ashley Lillard, posted the video on Facebook, where the charming how-to has been viewed millions of times.

"My name's Colton, and there's a new way to tie shoes," he introduced himself, continuing, "I'm five and I have a loose tooth."

Colton said he learned the trick from his friend, River.

Lillard said she hoped her son's demonstration helped other kids who were struggling to learn.