8 tech gadgets every college student should have

ByChi Tran WPVI logo
Wednesday, August 9, 2023

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College season is upon us, and yet so many questions linger. Are your headphones good enough? What's the difference between an SSD, an HHD, and a USB? How do you make the most of your time in college? While the last question is for you to decide, the best tech brands on the market have released unmissable deals to ease your concerns. From headphones to posture correctors, this list has got you covered.

1. Apple Airpods Pro 2nd Generation

The most popular wireless earbuds on the market, the 2nd Gen Airpods Pro is a back-to-school must-have for sweet music listening sessions and blocking out noisy roommates. Dependable, lightweight, and with features like adaptive noise canceling technology, this is a steal at $50 off.

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2. Sony Mark 4 Headphones

Noisy roommates? Loud, crowded morning commutes? The fan-favorite Sony Mark 4 overhead headphones will help you create your own little space with its bleeding-edge noise-canceling tech, crisp sound engineering, and compact design. Three years after its release, these headphones are a good buy for incoming college students.

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3. 2 Pack Mini Portable Charger

College days mean long hours and longer screen times. Don't let your phone die on you midday with this incredible 2-pack portable charger bundle. This charger gets rid of pesky wires in addition to providing a state-of-the-art LED screen to indicate the remaining battery life.

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4. Bange Backpack

If you are buying all of these amazing tech products, get an equally high-tech backpack that can protect all of them and more. Bange's backpack is a class of its own. This bag is functional, affordable, and comes with an in-bag charging port to boot. Get a backpack that will last you beyond your college years.

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5. 26oz Ice Shaker Bottle

Featured on Shark Tank and Good Morning America, the Ice Shaker bottle will keep your drink cold for well over 30 hours and is the perfect sendoff gift for your kid as they get ready for the university grind.

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6. Posture Corrector

Contrary to popular belief, a student's greatest enemy is not bad grades. It's bad posture. It's high time parents correct that with the Upright Go-2, which sends a digital signal every time you slouch so that you correct your back in no time.

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7. Samsung T7 SSD Drive

Run don't walk to this incredible Samsung T7 SSD drive deal at over 40% off. Not only is it smaller than your phone despite a mighty 1TB storage, but it also transfers files in and out of your devices faster than anything on the market. Many college students have trusted the T7 for years, so don't let your kid be the only one to lug around the 10-year-old heirloom hard drive.

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8. Portable Label Maker

Do you want to get organized for your best college career? This incredibly versatile, portable label maker is a must-have not only for your binder needs but also to label your stuff in the dorm. It's an absolute steal at 50% off.

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