Tests begin with magnetic device to treat sleep apnea

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (WPVI) -- Tests have begun on an innovative new device for sleep apnea - one that uses a magnet.

The device is called Magnap.

When air passages begin to relax and close at night, Magnap uses 2 magnets to hold them open.

One goes into the patient.

"A small incision is made and the magnet is placed under the skin and secured to the bone with a couple of stitches," says surgeon Dr. Jolie Chang, of the University of California-San Francisco's Mt. Zion campus.

Then at night, a patient puts on a collar with a second magnet.

It pulls the implanted magnet forward, opening the airway.

The only significant side effect has been a temporary soreness on swallowing.

Users do wear a special tag warning doctors and first responders against putting a patient in an MRI.

Right now, the University of California-San Francisco is the only test site for Magnap.

This small-scale trial should wrap up late next year, with the hope bigger ones could start after that.

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For detailed information on the study, go to clinicaltrials.gov.