Smoldering ATM found outside Wissinoming bar as investigations continue

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- An ATM was found smoldering outside a bar in Philadelphia's Wissinoming section early Thursday as police continue to investigate dozens of similar incidents across the city.

Crews were called to the Rockoz Bar on the 6100 block of Torresdale Avenue just before 4 a.m.

Police are checking surveillance cameras on the property to see if they captured the suspect. No injuries were reported.

Police are still looking for the thieves who have targeted more than 50 ATMs across the Philadelphia area over the past few days.

"Approximately 50 ATM machines have been damaged or opened via the use of explosives. As best as we we can determine, at the moment, the vast majority of these machines were damaged or opened by the use of M250 to M100 illegal explosive devices," said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro said one suspect, identified as Taleb Crump, was arrested for selling homemade dynamite in Philadelphia.

He was busted during an undercover online investigation; police say he tried to sell the dynamite to undercover agents.

"Mr. Crump, who bragged on social medial that using dynamite was better than bullets for robbing an ATM, offered up explicit instructions on how to best set dynamite up to blow up an ATM," said Shapiro.

Outlaw said targeting an ATM is a dangerous crime that could leave the criminal badly injured and empty handed.

"Most of these ATMs don't have money in them. We encourage those businesses that do have these private ATMs outside of their businesses or inside to ensure the money is removed," said Outlaw.
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