Couples describe each other to a police sketch artist

Could you accurately describe your spouse's face to a police sketch artist? These couples prove it's tougher than you think.

At the start of the video, the six couples were separated so they could describe their significant others alone with the sketch artist and have only their memory as a reference point. While alone with the artist, most of the participants candidly describe the looks of their loved ones with seemingly no censor at all.

"Let's start with the shape of his face, simple geometric," the artist asked.

"Is a house a geometric term? If it was flipped upside down?" responded one woman. "Rounded. Not too alien-ish," responded one man.

As the video continued, the participants were unabashed in describing their counterparts.

One woman described her boyfriend's eyebrows "like a ferret" and his hair "kinda like Elvis if he didn't brush his hair." One man described his girlfriend as "kinda like a poor man's Eva Mendes."

When it came time to share each other's sketch depictions, none of the couples were satisfied with the results, taking jabs at each other for their efforts.
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