Some streets in Old City to be closed through March after water main break

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Business owners like Rene Galvin in Old City Philadelphia are frustrated.

Over a month ago, a water main break shut down 3rd street from Market to Arch and Arch Street from 2nd to 3rd Street.

"Fix the street. It's not that hard. It can't be that hard. I don't care how late you have to work. You said you would work 12-hour shifts. I am here 12 hours. They are not," said Rene Galvin of Never too Spoiled.

The section of road is still being repaired, and business owners say they are losing money.

John DiGiulio with the Philadelphia Water Department says workers are feeling the pressure to get the work done quickly and safely.

"I have heard from almost every business in the area, a lot of residential people in the area, and everyone just wants life back to normal," said DiGiuilo.

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Crews work to repair broken water main in Old City Philadelphia | January 7, 2020

DiGiulio says work was supposed to be completed within about eight weeks, but problems with the sewer caused about a two-week delay.

"That eight weeks would have taken us into about mid-March, but it looks like we are going to wrap by the end of March, so we are not off of that too much. We have been trying to get work done as quickly as we can but also as thoroughly as we can," said DiGiuilo.

It may be a small closure but local shops say it's causing big problems.

"The closure is hurting everybody, especially us. I am right at the end of the street and nobody wants to come," said Jay Lodaya of Philly Souvenir and Cleaners.

Despite the frustrations, the repairs won't be made for several more weeks and businesses will have to just deal with it the best they can.

Monique Mason, owner of MOKO Beauty Studio, says while it's not ideal, things could always be worse.

"If we had a huge snowstorm then we wouldn't have anybody coming ou, but I understand the frustration. I love my fellow business owners and I completely understand that but what I am saying is that hey, let's look at some of the positives," said Monique Mason of MOKO Organic Beauty Studio.

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