Safari West takes visitors to the Serengeti in immersive wildlife experience

SANTA ROSA, Calif. -- Known as the Sonoma Serengeti, Safari West is the closest you can come to Africa without going there.

"You are in, for all intents and purposes, Africa. There are tents that were brought in from Ladysmith, South Africa, and we have African animals that roam our hills," explained Safari West Co-Founder Nancy Lang. "It's an experience like none other."

Since its founding in 1993, Safari West has become one of the premier wildlife destinations in the United States featuring an expansive wildlife collection amongst the beauty of Sonoma County.

On the grounds, visitors can traverse a 400-acre wilderness bustling with nearly 900 animals from over 90 unique species.

As guests meet the wonder of the wild face-to-face, Safari West founders Nancy and Peter Lang hope the experience will ignite wonder, curiosity, and compassion toward wildlife. Their mission: to inspire wildlife advocates who will help protect and preserve these beautiful and often endangered creatures.

"It's just a wonderful time to bring your family and explore everything wild," says Marie Barbera, the Animal Collection Manager at Safari West.

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