Chase and Jen Utley share look inside home during COVID-19

Chase Utley's house with his young sons, 8-year-old Ben and 5-year-old Max, stuck at home looks a lot like most of ours these days.

"We have a routine that we get to in the morning. I'm in the math department," Chase tells Action News, while his wife Jen runs the language arts department. "We try and keep them entertained."

The Utley's are learning a lot right now. After all, Chase may be retired, but it wasn't supposed to be like this.

"I'm not used to this. I had a plan for his retirement. He'd play golf. Now, his workouts are all at home. This is next level," Jen said.

Jen has a new business to run. The longtime animal rights activist recently started a company of stylish clothing and accessories called Shop Vetted.

"We're promoting a healthier relationship with no animal products, and the effects all of that has on the planet," she says. "Instead of your leather jacket or down puffer, there are cruelty free alternatives for the same thing."

Chase chimes in "she fails to tell you that I'm the photographer, which is kinda rude."

Utley, very proud of his wife for following her passion and turning it into a business, says Jen is a jack of all trades.

"She did give me a haircut," says Chase.

Jen, afraid to touch the top, still made him wear a hat for his interview, "he looks like a cockatoo," she laughs.

And with that, the boys pile on their parents' lap. It's the Silver Fox, quarantine style.
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