Harper urges RB Bell to 'come join' him in Philly

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Friday, March 1, 2019

It looks like Bryce Harper is already trying to recruit players to Philadelphia, just not to the Phillies.

A screenshot posted to Le'Veon Bell's Instagram story shows what appears to be Harper, via direct message, trying to woo the NFL free agent to join him in Philly with the Eagles.

The exchange between the two athletes seems to have started with Bell retweeting an image that talked about Harper's reported new contract with the Phillies. Bell then added to that image a comment that both congratulated Harper and tagged the slugger.

A later screenshot in Bell's Instagram story shows what appears to be a private conversation between him and Harper. In that conversation Harper says, "Aye come join! Let's take this city by storm. Bring as many titles as we can to the greatest city in the world. Brotherly Love. #SecureTheBag."

Harper is a Dallas Cowboys fan and has previously not had an issue supporting his own rooting interests, even if it put him at odds with his former fan base in Washington, D.C.

"I've always been a Cowboy fan since I was 5 years old," Harper said in 2017. "I'm a Duke fan, I'm a Laker fan. I mean, I'm from Vegas, I'll gamble on the best every single day. That's what I do."

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