Phillies fans battled heat, humidity and rain

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Thursday's Phillies game went from oppressive heat to a drop in temperature from the sudden rain.

Loyal Phillies fans came out to Citizens Bank Park under a scorching sun for the afternoon game.

"I got a water bottle, fan and sunscreen on, so I'm ready to go," said Bob Simon from Northeast Philadelphia.

Many people were guzzling bottle after bottle of water before heading in the stands for the game.

"I brought a whole case of water that I froze, and I dispersed it between four bags so I can bring them all in," said Jennie Robinson, from Levittown.

Fans also dressed for the weather with their Phillies caps and sunglasses.

The game went from hot and humid to a downpour which many fans said was the relief they needed. "On our way in there was a drop between like 90 degrees and 70 degrees because of the rain," said Peter Starr from West Reading.

Many people stayed in the stands letting the rain fall on them.

"I like the rain, it feels cold, I've never sweat so much in my life," said Miranda Slotkif from Voorhees New Jersey.

The umbrellas people were using to protect themselves from the sun worked to shield them from the rain too while others didn't come prepared and had to put a bag or sweatshirt over their head.

Although people had to deal with heat and then rain, they left the stadium happy with a Phillies win.
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