Original Phillie Phanatic Joins Matt O'Donnell in the Travel Mug Podcast

Matt O'Donnell Image
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

David Raymond totally lives up to his nickname the "Emperor of Fun!" The man who helped create the Phillie Phanatic and portrayed the Phillies mascot from 1978-1993 joins Matt for a hilarious conversation in the latest Travel Mug Podcast.

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On the podcast:

How people react to Raymond when they realize he was the first Phanatic (2:10).

How he helped create Gritty, the new Flyers mascot (4:00).

The Phanatic backstory (8:30).

If it was hot in that suit (11:45).

Why he retired as the Phillies mascot in 1993 (13:40).

Why he can immediately tell the difference between the old and new Phanatic, performed by Tom Burgoyne (15:35).

If he ever felt in immense danger during a Phanatic appearance (17:45).

What it was like growing up with a father who happened to be the legendary Delaware football coach Tubby Raymond (20:00).

If he misses being the Phanatic and ever dreams about being in the costume (27:07).

What great life lessons he's learned from the Phanatic character (31:15).

Recorded in Raymond's "Phanatic Man Cave" at his home in the Philadelphia suburbs.