Villanova Coach Jay Wright Joins Matt O'Donnell on the Travel Mug Podcast

Matt O'Donnell Image
Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Villanova Coach Jay Wright is preparing for another college basketball season with sky-high expectations. That's just what happens when you win two of the last three NCAA championships. Matt joined Wright in his office at the Davis Center on campus to ask him about the things anyone would if they had the chance.

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Do you love the three-pointer? (he didn't always) Do you want to coach in the NBA? (yes, absolutely) Are athletes of the past tougher than today's? (yes - but that's not the whole answer) What do you think of tanking in professional sports? (he hates it) Should NCAA athletes be paid? (never) How do you motivate people? How do you deal with failure?

The Travel Mug Podcast packs even more into a 20-minute interview with Wright. Matt even threw in a question about the one thing people obsess about: Jay Wright's exquisite sense of fashion. Wildcat or not, you'll find Jay Wright a fascinating coach, a fascinating parent, a fascinating person. And given that he is a Bucks County native, Wright is one of ours. Listen now!

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