Thomas: Seahawks like James Brown

ByTerry Blount ESPN logo
Tuesday, September 9, 2014

RENTON, Wash. -- Since the Seattle Seahawks played on Thursday night, free safety Earl Thomas spent the weekend studying what other NFL teams do. He came to one clear conclusion.

"It made me realize that we're different," Thomas said. "It really did, in a lot of ways. We're in sync and we're swarming the ball. We just have a different sound. It's funky and nasty; James Brown-type stuff. It's very unique."

You probably never thought you would hear the Seahawks compared to the Godfather of Soul, but Thomas' point is the Seahawks have a rhythm in how they play and an unencumbered style.

Thomas also spent Monday night taking a close look at the Chargers-Cardinals game, two teams the Seahawks play this season. But Thomas said he mostly watched San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers because the Seahawks play the Chargers on Sunday in San Diego.

The Cardinals defeated the Chargers 18-17.

"You really get to sit down and see it from a fan's point of view, but also from a player's mindset," Thomas said. "You get to see [Rivers'] favorite targets and what he likes to do in certain situations. You see how they use their personnel and the QB intentions."

Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette was asked Monday after practice what he would watch in the Chargers-Cardinals game.

"I'll be watching everything," Lockette said. "Even the water boy."

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